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Brushing 101 with Dr. M

You don't have to be a Veterinarian to properly brush your pet's teeth!

We cannot stress the importance of oral hygiene for pets enough. Oral health is linked to systemic health, and infection and inflammation in the mouth can be transported to internal organs like the heart and kidneys and cause dysfunction and disease. Preventing oral and periodontal disease through regular home care including daily tooth brushing, along with dental chews and water additives that combat plaque, can help keep your pet healthy by maintaining their oral health.

The most effective way to fight plaque and prevent tartar is by brushing your best friends teeth daily.

You'll want to start slow and get them used to having their face and lips touched. You can start by offering pet toothpaste on your finger while you touch their lips and gums. Once they are comfortable with that, you can wrap a piece of gauze or a thin washcloth around your finger and wipe their front teeth. When they are comfortable with that, you can peel their lips back and wipe your finger on their back teeth. When selecting a toothbrush, you'll want very soft bristles and a size that is appropriate for their mouth. Infant toothbrushes can be helpful for most dogs. Eventually, you'll get to the ease and trust you see between Dr. M and Atlas! Singing might help!

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