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The Future is Female

Intracoastal West Vet Hospital is proud to celebrate Women’s History Month! We are happy to report there are now a huge number of women in the veterinary industry and there are some very promising changes needed to create an equal future.

Early on in veterinary medicine, only around 0.8% of graduates were women. Today they are the majority with about 64% according to the AVMA. That trend has impacted our team here at Intracoastal West Vet where 100% of our veterinarians are women and 80% of our team are women.

With much higher proportions of women entering the profession, we’d expect to see some leveling out of the balance of owner/partner positions held by men. However, even among the very youngest groups of veterinarians, men still make up the majority of private practice owners. But, the percentage of women owners is increasing, shifting from 29% in 2007 to 41% in 2019, and it is anticipated that by 2028, the majority of U.S. practice owners will be women. We here at Intracoastal West are proud to a part of the few that increase the women-owned practice statistics!

So, what does the future hold for female veterinarians? While there have been significant advances in recent years, we still face many challenges including the growing concern of suicide among women of this profession and the decreasing number of female students graduating with an aspiration of ownership. The continued and imperative need for mentorship within the profession will need to be an important focus. If you are a current or aspiring vet student, please feel free to reach out to our team to discuss the field and your furry-friend future!

It will be exciting to see what changes occur in this next generation and even more exciting to be part of the wave.

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