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Intracoastal West Veternary Hospital

Dental Consultation

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At our Consultation, we will talk about your pet's oral health, complete an exam, review home care, provide a treatment plan, and schedule treatment.

Imagine what your mouth would feel like if you never brushed your teeth or went to the dentist. For many pets, this is a painful reality. More than 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have dental disease by the age of three. Dental disease is the most frequently diagnosed health problem in pets.

Common signs of dental disease include:

  • Yellow or brown buildup (tartar) on the teeth

  • Red, swollen, or bleeding gums

  • Bad breath

  • Excessive drooling

  • Changes in eating or chewing habits

  • Pawing at the face

  • Loose teeth

  • Depression

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**X-Rays are completed under anesthesia and not included in Consultation.

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Dental Consultation

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You wouldn’t go years between dental exams and teeth cleanings. Should your pet?


The idea of regular dental care for our pets is new to most of us. But once you know your dog and cat can suffer from the same oral health problems you do -- plaque, gum disease, tooth loss, and more -- the idea of regular exams starts to make sense.

More than 80% of dogs and 70% of cats over 3 years old have periodontal disease. 

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