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Meet The Team



Front Office

Lexi is originally from Necton, England. However, as she is a part of an Air Force Family, Lexi has lived everywhere. She started volunteering at the age of 14 and has worked in the veterinary medicine field working with marine mammals, exotic big cats, monkeys, bears, wildlife, and several rescue organizations. Lexi’s favorite part of her job is getting to meet all our furry patients and seeing their personalities. She says, “Each animal is an individual and I’m so happy to work at a place that sees that and provides for them.


Lexi is a keeper of a two-legged person, her husband, Ian. Along with one dog, Sebastian, and a three-legged cat, Legolas. Her and Ian will be welcoming a Tiny Team Member in February of 2024. Lexi loves to read and go to the beach, the best day is when she gets to read at the beach. She is a big nerd and loves Disney, Star Wars, LOTR, MCU, DC, and so much more.




Alina hails from New Jersey originally but made the move to Florida in 2018 in pursuit of sunshine and warmth. With approximately 13 years of experience in the field of veterinary medicine, she has developed a profound passion for it. Moreover, Alina is an enthusiastic plant collector with an extensive collection that has practically taken over her home. Despite her daily struggle with allergies, she remains a devoted lover of all animals.



Veterinary Technician

Breona “Bre” is a Jacksonville native who gained her love for animals very early on in life. Her animal career began as a dog bather in 2016 and she climbed to the position of dog groomer a year and a half later. Her tech career began in 2019, where she gained experience working for a local non-profit clinic and for the local humane society prior to joining the Intracoastal West team. Bre plans on becoming a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in the near future and is very happy to continue to gain experience taking care of pets for families in the Jacksonville Community!

Bre has one four-legged (and 17-toed) puppy named Otter and a puppy sister named Ivy. She is excited to meet and care for your babies and hopes that she can build lasting relationships with you and your fur family!

Image by Ádám Berkecz


Veterinary Technician

Lauren is from Satellite Beach but is currently a student at UNF as a pre-vet marine biology major! She got her start in the animal care field working in wildlife rehabilitation and has also worked in aquatic animal care with a dolphin and marine mammal internship at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. She loves working with animals of all kinds and will be celebrating her first year of being a tech this Halloween!


When she's not at the vet clinic, Lauren loves going to the beach, reading, and playing with her new kitten Polly (who has 13 toes on her front paws!!). She also has another cat named skippy john (3 legs), a gold retriever named Jilly (3 brain cells), a turtle named Tofu, a gecko named Cowboy, and two rat angels Link and Remy. 


Lauren plans on becoming an aquatic vet and will start applying to vet school next year!



Veterinary Technician

Caroline was raised right here in Jacksonville in an incredibly animal-loving home. Her childhood companions included numerous cats, dogs, dwarf hamsters, many fish, and even a chameleon. Growing up, her mom had a passion for fostering kitten litters, igniting Caroline's love for animal care from a very early age. 

When Caroline rescued her own furry friend, her desire to absorb all there is to know about animal science took flight. She soon secured a position as a veterinary technician and quickly fell head over heels for the field of veterinary medicine. A year later, Caroline discovered Intracoastal West Vet Hospital and is absolutely thrilled to be part of our incredible team of veterinarians and staff. She's eager to continue expanding her technician skills and veterinary medicine knowledge with us! 

Image by Karsten Winegeart


Veterinary Technician

Caiden has a deep love for animals, she is dedicated to providing top-notch care to all your furry friends. At home, she shares her life with four wonderful dogs who inspire her every day. Currently a senior in high school, she is eagerly preparing to pursue her passion for veterinary medicine in college. She usually spends her free time reading, painting, or doing things outdoors like gardening or hiking. She can't wait to continue my journey of helping animals lead their healthiest and happiest lives!

Apply Today

We are always welcoming applications or student volunteers, to submit yours please email it to the email address below.

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