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Client Information
for our Jacksonville, FL Owners
New Intracoastal West Vet Hospital Clients

Our veterinary team in Jacksonville, Florida welcomes you and your pet!


Thank you for choosing Intracoastal West Veterinary Hospital for your pet’s care. We are dedicated to helping your pet achieve the highest quality of life. Our team provides exceptional care while showing respect for you and your beloved companion.


Becoming a client is easy. You may choose to fill out our New Client Registration Form and click the submit button. When we receive your information, a member of our team will be in touch to help you schedule your first appointment.


Not computer savvy? No problem. Feel free to call our veterinary clinic at 904-436-PETS (7387) to book an appointment and we’ll gather the registration information over the phone.

If you have any further questions, please call. We look forward to meeting you and your pets soon!

Your First Visit/What to Expect

A warm welcome awaits you in the lobby. After gathering some important information our receptionist will bring you and your pet directly to an exam room. Although you won’t wait long, we want those moments to be stress-free and comfortable. Our exam rooms have been thoughtfully designed to decrease stress for both you and your pet.

One of our veterinary technicians will be in shortly to get your pet's vital signs and talk with you more about your pet’s lifestyle and any concerns you may have for the doctor. We want to hear all your stories; sometimes even the smallest detail can unlock the answer for our doctors.

Our technicians may borrow your pet briefly to obtain samples such as blood and urine for important tests. Transparency is important to us. You will always be part of the team deciding what services and treatments are best for your pet. A treatment plan, including expected costs, will always be discussed during your appointment.

Your veterinarian will arrive shortly to perform a thorough physical exam. We practice fear-free techniques at Intracoastal West which allows us to build a positive relationship with your pet. The veterinarian will explain their exam findings to you and answer your questions. They will recommend the highest quality preventative care recommendations along with any treatments needed to get your pet feeling their best.

To keep things easy and efficient; our staff will make any follow-up appointments for you and check you out right in the exam room.

Handouts and Forms:

New Puppy Handout

Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome Evaluation

New Kitten Handout

Dental Surgery Consultation Handout

Surgery Consultation Handout

Post Surgery Care:

General Surgery Discharge

Dental Discharge

Your First Visit
Handouts and Post Treatment Dischrge Foms
Prior to Your Visit

Be sure to let our receptionist know what other veterinary hospitals you have been to in the past. We are happy to contact them for you to obtain your pets medical history. Having the medical records prior to your appointment allows our doctors to review the history and saves you time the day of your visit. It is also important to let us know all of the medications and supplements (including herbs and vitamins) your pet takes.

Follow Up

Depending on the reason for your visit, you may receive a follow-up call from one of our veterinary technicians to get an update on how your pet has been doing since their visit. If you have any concerns, talk to the technician about those concerns so that the doctor can make recommendations. We will contact you with any test results as soon as they are available.

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Pet Insurance
Q: "When is the best time to buy pet insurance?"
   A: Now is the best time to buy!

Now is the best time to buy insurance because the prices can increase as they age (just like with people). There are lots of different companies with different premiums, deductibles, what the insurance covers (only emergencies, vs. emergencies and illnesses, or some will cover routine vet care like annual exams, vaccines, and dental cleaning).


We recommend pet insurance for all of your furry family members.  Pet insurance empowers you to provide the very best care for your pet without worrying about how much it costs. Most pet insurance is reimbursement-based, meaning that you pay the hospital upfront then submit your invoice for the insurance company to reimburse you. 


A few companies that we have either used for our own pets or have heard good things about from other customers/pet owners are Trupanion, Embrace, and PetPlan, but there are definitely lots of options. It does take some researching and you'll have to read the fine print about what they consider "pre-existing" conditions. But, there is no time like the present to get your best friend insured to help with future veterinary expenses!

Pet Insurance University is a helpful site run by an independent veterinarian that can answer a lot of questions you may have about pet insurance and help you get started looking at different policies and companies. There is no single best pet insurance, it is all dependent on your pet and your individual situation and preferences.

Intracoastal West Veterinary Hospital partners with Trupanion Pet Insurance to make it even easier for you. We submit the claim for you, similar to a human doctor’s office, so you can focus on your pet and avoid high up-front payments.

Pet Insurance

Payment is due at the time of service. We accept cash and all major credit cards. We also offer Care Credit and Scratch pay which allow you to split up your payments over time.

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