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Does a Cat Fit into Your Lifestyle?

Cats make wonderful companions. Their entertaining antics and affectionate behaviors have endeared them to millions of owners for thousands of years. Easily housetrained and relatively low maintenance, cats make good indoor pets and most will readily adapt to a variety of households.

Cats can adapt to most types of housing if proper accommodations, food, grooming, and exercise opportunities are provided. To help decide if a cat is the right pet for you, answer the following questions:

  • Do you have the time to devote to providing for a cat’s needs for care and attention?

  • Do you rent or do you own your home? If you rent, does your lease allow you to keep one or more cats?

  • Can you adapt your home to allow a cat to express normal behaviors such as exploration, predatory play, and scratching?

  • Will your new cat get along with your existing pets?

  • Do any family members have allergies to pet hair or dander or are likely to be intolerant of normal cat behavior?

To ensure they live long, healthy lives, cats require regular veterinary medical checkups. Ask your veterinarian about a vaccination program and other preventive medical care appropriate for your cat’s lifestyle and to protect against disease risks in your area. Cats are good at concealing when they don’t feel well, and your veterinarian can also help you learn how to detect subtle signs of illness.

And as always, if you’re not sure that a pet you’re considering is right for your family, talk to one of our veterinarians. We can help you better understand a potential pet’s needs and how they may or may not be compatible with your family’s lifestyle.

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